Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ideal Bodies /Final Project

First step in hopefully serie of works, focusing on the damaged bodies, and reconstructions of the same.
3D scans done with Kinect, mashes reconstructed in MeshLab.

Flapping Toasters

Flapping Toasters misappropriates the popular early-90s screensaver published by After Dark to allow the user to fulfill their wildest fantasy and become the flying toaster.

While the toast and toasters still fly in a mainly isometric path, the user may control the trajectory of a toaster by flapping their arms for vertical motion or extending and rotating their arms in a rolling motion to the right or left. Finally, the user may add more toast to the screen by performing an exaggerated clap. Set to a midi version of Wagner's "Ride of the Valkeries."

Code is here:
Version 2
Version 1