Friday, October 12, 2012

"enough"; a study of a physical form and overwhelming media information

enough: a study of an iconic physical form and media information from Jee Won Kim on Vimeo.

"How is our experience of a spatial form is affected when the form is filled in with dynamic and rich multimedia information? (The examples of such environments are particular urban spaces such as shopping and entertainment areas of Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Seoul where the walls of the buildings are completely covered with electronic screens and signs; convention and trade shows halls; department stores, etc,; and at the same time, any human-constructed space where the subject can access various information wirelessly on her cell phone, PDA, or laptop.) Does the form become irrelevant, being reduced to functional and ultimately invisible support for information flows? Or do we end up with a new experience in which the spatial and information layers are equally important? In this case, do these layers add up to a single phenomenological gestalt or are they processed as separate layers?" from 'The Poetics of Augmented Space' by Lev Manovich.

[original video footage]

hwa2 from Jee Won Kim on Vimeo.

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