Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cheating with the 3D Scanning

Three dimensional scanning is a bit of a challenge for anyone really but there are more and more tools to help you figure out how to image a physical object in terms a computer can understand and work with.

Of course the traditional techniques include understanding depth and location by directly measuring it like LIDAR and UltraSonic sensor, but those all require a great deal of specialized equipment. But then you have techniques that can extrapolate some knowledge from a 2D image and one of the newest techniques is the 123DCatch from Autodesk.

I used the 123DCatch App on the iPad to try to capture my sculpture for Idea's Taking Shape, a particularly difficult object to capture. The way 123DCatch works is by taking a great number of 2D images of the object from a variety of angles and then feeding the images into a cloud-based processor to stitch the images based in part on the content of the images and based also in part on the gyroscopic sensor data from the iPad, and then extrapolating the object's 3D figure.

The ultimate result was a disappointment, which I believe was due to the shapes complexity as well as the poor quality of the images. Take a look below at the image 123DCatch suggested!

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