Friday, September 14, 2012

Pin Screen Point Cloud

Pin Screen Point Cloud - Sheiva Rezvani & Claire Mitchell
Our approach was to recreate the structure of a pin screen, coat the screen in "ink" and create an impression into layers of mesh. We hypothesized that we would get a 3dimensional impression that resembled a digital point cloud. We could then take images of each individual screen, and digitally reconstruct the object from the layers.

We began by experimenting with materials, different sizes of mesh, various levels of elasticity, different sized pins, nails in order to get the right combination of 1) long enough to create a significant depth 2) sizes that would be complimentary so that the pins could easily go through the layers of mesh 3) structural frame for both pins and mesh.

Nail Screen Construction

Nail Screen Construction

We first tried to scan a mannequin's eye

Mannequin Eye Scanned

But the nails wouldn't go through the mesh.

So we used a banana and smaller pins

Banana Scan

We took an image of each layer of the glowing print to rebuild the 3d point cloud digitally- capturing the glowing ink became a challenge but the next step would be to rebuild the layers digitally.

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