Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 2

Today we got started with openFrameworks and ofxKinect. All the code is available on GitHub on the 3dsav repository. We covered:

  • Interfacing with ofxKinect
  • Exporting depth and color data from the Kinect
  • Rendering point clouds efficiently with openFrameworks
  • Building meshes from point clouds
  • Depth thresholding and background subtraction

This week's assignment is to build a forepoint detection and drawing system. That means detecting the point closest to the kinect, and using it to control a line drawing.

If that seems too easy, you should (in increasing order of complexity):

  1. Render the drawing in 3d instead of 2d.
  2. Track an arbitrary number of forepoint-like features.
  3. Implement an algorithm similar to optical flow with tracking, but in 3d.

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