Thursday, September 13, 2012

pickle scanner


The first assignment for the class 3d sensing & visualization taught by Kyle McDonald is to make a 3d scanner.

Rose and I made a pickle scanner.

how it works:
a pickle is submerged fully in water in a box
 the water is dyed with black ink

 a cover made of cardboard has a 12 x 9 grid drawn on it. A hole is poked through each square on the grid

 long sticks are inserted vertically down each hole on the grid, wherever it hits the pickle underneath, it doesn’t reach the bottom and hence sticks out more than the other sticks, thus creating a shape of the pickle above the grid cover

after a while, sticks are taken out, and readings are made on how much of the stick is colored with ink

these are the depth readings of the pickle

 combined with the grid coordinates (x and y) we have 3 D point cloud data

 raw measurements

visualizations in processing

 point cloud


it’s a pickle 

 other interesting shapes formed by imperfect data:

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