Thursday, March 31, 2011

Preliminary Music Visualizer

For my final project in 3dSav, I wanted to make a music visualizer from the kinect point cloud data.  To analyze the music being played, I used the oF FFT visualizer example. I then mapped FFT output data to the kinect 3d depth image, adding or subtracting to the depth based on the FFT data from the music playing.  To make the visualizer a little more interesting, I added a feature that multiplies the dancer's body in the XY and Z directions.

Next Steps:

1) Add Color
2) Work more on camera positioning and rotation
3) Automatic triggering of visual effects and rotation
4) Gesture control to trigger specific transformation sequences
5) Improve the pause/delay function for multiple point clouds
6) Experiment with different ways to map the FFT data to the point cloud.

Source Code:

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  1. Very nice!!loved it.I m actually doing the same thing for my thesis but im having some trying to download your source code in case it helps me but i there a way you could send it to me ?