Wednesday, March 2, 2011

VJing with the Kinect

This last Friday, I was invited to tag along with Ryan Uzilevsky, who I intern for at his company Light Harvest, to a VJ gig he had at a big ole' techno party near Columbus Circle. It featured DJs Wolf+Lamb. They rocked the house.

I was invited to hook up the Kinect, point it at the DJ, and control the visuals with a MIDI controller, using OSC, into openframeworks.

VJing in 3D with Kinect from Kevin Bleich on Vimeo.

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  1. Hello, I'm a newbie VJ looking for innovative approaches to music visualisation; I'm getting a new Kinect in a few days and am planning on doing something similar to the project you presented above. Is there any way you'd be willing to share a short insight or maybe a tutorial on how you created this visualisation?
    As I mentioned I'm fairly new to these kind of things, I'm using Resolume and I've used MIDI and OSC before but know nothing about openframeframeworks, is that somehow a necessity? I'd be extremely thankful if you get back on me on this :)