Thursday, February 3, 2011

3D modeling and texture mapping from video camera

Uses feature tracking on an object moving in front of a fixed video camera to extract geometry with matching texture mapping from the camera image and then using the motion of the object to control the motion of the model in software.

"Normally, scanning in 3D requires purpose-made gear and time. ProFORMA lets you rotate any object in front of the camera and it scans it in real time, building a fully 3D texture mapped model as fast as you can turn an object. Even more impressive is what happens after the scan: The camera continues to track the objsct in space and matches it’s movement instantly with the on-screen model." -- Wired: Amazing Software Turns Cheap Webcam Into Instant 3D Scanner | Gadget Lab |

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  1. Please release this to the public as an open source program.