Thursday, February 17, 2011

Addition to the snowman

Structured light experiments
by Diana Huang, Ivana Basic, Eszter Ozsvald, Nikolas Psaroudakis and Yang Liu

While we were playing with snow, we also dabbled with experimenting with the structured light example that Kyle provided for us. We thought this would be simple to try and implement however we experimented a few times before we found the first setup to create a structured light scan that we were satisfied with-- Following positioning instructions is key. After viewing this video here ( we thought we could try positioning the camera and projector together directly above the object we wanted to scan. These scans didn't come up with as much information as we wanted for our scans. We found that positioning the camera and the projector at angles - tangential to the surface of what we wanted to scan, created the best scans. (We should have known this in the first place, per the Instructables, however we wanted to test some other configurations out. ) Also, we found that instead of a white backdrop, a black backdrop with lighter clothing created the best scanning environments. Below is an interpretation using a few of our scans during our "experimentation" period. Some of the textures created are very visually interesting. Featuring Ivana Basic and unknown ITP mask. Music by Rastko.

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