Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week 1: Homework

Due next week, you have three assignments.

Make a 3d Scan
In groups of 4, make a 3d scan. The more DIY and low-tech, the better. It just can't be visualized with a Rutt-Ettra height map. Depending on your technical expertise you may:
  1. Invent a 3d scanner. It could be super-low-resolution, or single-image instead of realtime.
  2. Reimplement a technique that already exists, like using a shadow, laser, or binary subdivision.
  3. Get code running for a technique that someone else created, like my structured light code or OpenCV stereo matching.
  4. Use a tool that already exists, extract and display the data in your own way. Like using Photosynth, Kinect, or David Laserscanner.
We'll share the results of your work in the next class. Because this assignment is so open ended, you can use whatever tools/environment you like. Future assignments will be written in Open Frameworks only so we can share source code.

Post a Link
Post a cool project related to 3d scanning to this blog with a sentence or two describing it.

Brainstorm for your final project
Start thinking about where you want to take all this! How does all this relate to your work? What techniques, ideas, or aesthetics are you most interested in? You don't need to turn anything in for this, but feel free to email us with questions and ideas or talk to us in person.

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