Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sound Spaces

Sound Spaces by Ivana & Diana

This week, the biggest hurdle we had to work through was deciding what kind of interaction we wanted to bring to the space. First, we played with the idea of changing surroundings through adjusting the bounding box (and then later, other shapes) with our interaction. After working through this we decided it wasn't quite right and we wanted to change the space as we were physically moving through this. We liked the idea of moving shapes and their surroundings and played a bit with spherical surfaces that were able to move with parts of the body but again, not exactly what we wanted to do. Finally, we agreed upon creating an interaction in the 3D space to control sounds. Using .wav files of various frequencies, we created boxes that turn the sounds on and off. When physical presence is detected in the space of the boxes, the boxes turn from transparent to opaque and a sound is created. There is a bit of sound interference from the very beginning, giving it kind of a dead radio space feel to it. We were delighted by this cool, unexpected effect -- You can hear and see below:


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